We hope you are as excited as we are for "Vesak: Buddha's Birthday Celebration" on Sunday May 26, 2019 at Celebration Square.  The day is sure to be a wonderful celebration for all of us but in the spirit of Vesak we have decided to take this opportunity to help those less fortunate. This Sunday we are running a food drive, collecting non-perishable vegetarian food items for food banks, and for Food4Kids, in the Region of Peel. 


Every day, thousands of people in Ontario depend on food banks to feed themselves and their families. However, the demand on food banks is extremely high and they often run out of resources. Food banks are dependent upon generous donations from those who are able to donate. Goodwill and charity have always been distinct Buddhist values and Vesak is a time to bring happiness to others. So, in the spirit of Buddhism and Vesak, let us come together to provide help to those who need it. Any non-perishable food items such as canned goods will be greatly appreciated. Below is a list of items that are frequently in high demand:


Below is a list of items most needed by Food4Kids.


Most needed items:


Fruit Cups: Pears, Pineapple, Mixed fruit or applesauce (packed in juice… not syrup)

Cereal Bars: Kellogg’s All Bran Bars, Granola Bars (nut free)

Protein: Noodle Soup, Stagg Chili (Easy Open), Campbell’s Soup at Hand

Snacks: Goldfish crackers (snack size), Raisins (snack boxes)

Fresh Fruit: Bags of apples, Box of Clementine oranges, Bananas


Thank you.


Organizing Committee

Vesak: Buddha’s Birthday Celebration - 2019